Our clients are proof that TeamSoper's involvement in their telemarketing is a good investment.  Just click to read more, including a member of one of our clients comments on the quality of our callers.

We've explored many telemarketing firms and selected a nationally recognized telemarketing firm that specializes in calling nonprofit donors .  We've negotiated with the telemarketing firm to secure a flat rate per completed decision and it's all inclusive.

TeamSoper makes telemarketing easy.  We take care of all the details, including strategy, list selection, messaging, follow-up, and daily reporting.  You can receive be involved at every level and receive daily reports and know that unproductive list segments are being removed from the call list.

Think all your members hate telemarketing calls?

Think again!  Read what our public television client's member wrote after getting a call ... and ... how TeamSoper can help you succeed.

"I am about to do something not just unusual, but probably unheard of! I am writing to express my compliments for your telemarketing effort. "

"I got a call last evening from a guy who works for the telemarketing company you hired and he was so good I almost made another contribution to add to my existing membership.  This compliment comes from the staunchest, most committed anti-telemarketing person you will ever find. You hired a good company."

"The person who called me was articulate, intelligent, and easy to talk to.  And he made a very good case."

TeamSoper provides a variety of consulting services to its clients, including: