Michael Soper has more than 38 years of on-air fundraising experience as a pledge producer, on-air talent, script writer, coach and more.  If pledge isn't meeting your expectations, you may benefit from TeamSoper's perspectives and advice.  Contact us to arrange a free phone consultation.

On air pledge drives are a more than forty-year-old innovative attempt by the industry to make up for the shortfall in federal government funding for public broadcasting.

While public broadcasting couldn't survive without it, America provides less federal funding per capita for public broadcasting than any major country in the world.  That's why we pledge.

The quality and results of on-air pledge drives varies significantly from station to station. How can you strengthen your on-air pledge drive?  Is your primary success measure still "gross dollars pledged"? 


Outlining those things that success requires is relatively easy. Experienced station professions could improve on my list. What proves challenging is managing the pledge drives so as to secure the maximum short AND long term net income to the station.

TeamSoper can help strengthen your drive. We can assist you before or during your pledge drive or in producing a post-drive analysis. Assistance can be provided to key professionals on-site or by phone. Note that a limited number of stations can be assisted in any one pledge drive and early commitments are recommended, especially for on-site support.

Here's Soper’s Check List:

  • Pledge Drive Success Measures
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Controlling Costs / Cost Analysis
  • Thank you letters & Fulfillment Notices
  • First Year Frequency of Contact
  • Messages
  • On-Air Talent Analysis, Coaching & Training
  • Production Techniques / Live Pledge Breaks
  • The Web & E-Mail
  • Program Scheduling
  • Public Relations & Advertising
  • Instantaneous Research
  • Premiums / Thank You Gifts

TeamSoper assists your development and fundraising team on-site or through internet-based video conferences to identify areas of success and those for improvement. Group discussions focus on both tested industry best practices and new approaches for increasing net income through gains in revenue or reductions in expenses. Action plans are produced with an intensive focus on success measures.