Why produce a local television special when you could instead make a real difference in your community?  This shift in "mind set" can strengthen your mid-level and major giving, bequest, and foundation support efforts.  Call Michael Soper at 435-654-5896 and discover

how you can build something special together.

It's very tough to solicit major gifts.  It's really easy to get people to join with you to build something substantial.  

TeamSoper can help you build a major giving culture that empowers your producers and outreach professionals to dream big.

I'm always reminded of a story told by Kay Sprinkel Grace.  To paraphrase it, just consider the major gift officer who reads the morning newspaper only to discover that their best major giving prospective donor had just made a $7 million gift to another nonprofit in the community.  Later, talking with the prospective donor on the phone, they ask why the gift was not made to their organization.  The prospective donor's reply was quite simple, "You didn't give me a $7 million idea."  Big gifts demand big dreams.

Many stations are finding a growing separation between those who respond to pledge drives and those to rise to become mid-level and major donors.  Those who became members through an on-air pledge drive are increasing transactional -- they make a contribution and you send them a thank you gift.  Only in a few rare instances, will someone acquired though an on-air pledge drive become a mid-level or major donor to your station.

What to begin changing your major gift culture today?  Call TeamSoper at 435-654-5896.  If you're a President / CEO ... or just want to encourage your top management ... ask for our free "CEO Scorecard."  This very simple EXCEL tool helps maintain a focus on the very simple tasks that cultivate substantial gifts.  After all, "only friends make big gifts."

TeamSoper provides a variety of consulting services to its clients, including:

TeamSoper provides nonprofits with customized communications that urge your supporters to include a gift to your organization in their Will and your staff to maintain ongoing contact that recognizes supporters' commitment and strengthens their relationship with your institution.

No need to purchase preprinted Bequest Brochures, we'll work with you to design and create a customized brochure for your station.  Like all TeamSoper direct marketing materials, you'll own the final copy and design.