With most of public televison's members acquired in on-air pledge drive, the role of acquisition direct mail has declined in many stations annual membership plans.  Yet because direct mail members are more likely to support the "cause" of supporting their local public television station, their first year and subsequent year renewal rates are higher ... as is their propensity to make additional gifts.

List selection is critical.  We find members where other organizations find donors or subscribers.  Package and copy testing are essential.  Pooling together its clients, TeamSoper secure multiple bids from print supplier and mailshops that lower mailing costs for each and every client.

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TeamSoper provides clients with a full range of direct mail services, including the following:

We don’t hold clients’ hostage. If we lose your business, you retain use of the creative. TeamSoper can manage your annual acquisition, special / additional gift appeals, and / or renewal mailings.

  • Discover how we've increased client's active number of members by 8% or more in just 30 days -- Once with just one week's advance notice!
  • Learn about special / additional gift appeal campaigns that produced results up to ten times greater than the client's previous top performer.
  • Reduced client's direct mail creative, production, and mail management costs by more than 50%.