Renewals used to be simple.  Develop an effective series of letters, measure the results, and make updates as necessary.  That was before retaining members became a huge challenge.  Today, you still need a renewal series, but you need much more. Call TeamSoper at 435-654-5896.  We can

 help you segment your renewals, build points-of-contact with members long before it's time to renew and, potentially, to identify those members where a more personal touch is needed.


Abandon “cookie cutter copy.” Now you can speak to your individual supporters, donors, and members, in your market, about your organization. 

TeamSoper provides clients with a full range of direct mail services, including the following.

We don’t hold clients’ hostage. If we lose your business, you retain use of the creative. TeamSoper can manage your annual acquisition, special / additional gift appeals, and / or renewal mailings.

  • Discover how we've increased client's active number of members by 8% or more in just 30 days -- Once with just one week's advance notice!
  • Learn about special / additional gift appeal campaigns that produced results up to ten times greater than the client's previous top performer.
  • Reduced client's direct mail creative, production, and mail management costs by more than 50%.