TeamSoper assists your fundraising team over a day and one-half series of on-site meetings to identify areas of success and those for improvement. For example, “In today’s environment, what can be done to increase renewal and retention?”

Sometime described by potential clients or other consultants as a "Development Audit," TeamSoper's process involves a nonprofit's top management and key professionals. We believe it is more accurately described as a "Joint Review."  Discussions focus on industry best practices and new approaches for increasing net income through gains in revenue or reductions in expenses.  You might be surprised at what station professionals ultimately determine is no longer a priority ("We always did it that way.") and the savings achieved from adopting new best practices.

TeamSoper's experience is that many "strategic plans" are placed on a bookshelf.  The result of a "Joint Fundraising Review" is not a strategic plan, but an intense focus on mutually agreed upon success measures that result in both innovation and action.

Want to explore how a "Joint Fundraising Review" can strengthen your development and fundraising efforts?  Call Michael Soper at 435-654-5896 ... or send us an e-mail using the form on the "Contact Us" page.



The following remarks were contained in a formal evaluation by participants  staff, following a two-day series of meetings designed to increase donations from individuals.

“I have to say that the sessions with Michael were among the most practical, energizing, efficient, and productive of all the consultants we've had here.”

“Michael carefully listened and brought the group together.  His manner is warm and friendly. He’s a good moderator, who made an obscure topic more accessible for all involved.”

“Michael positioned himself as a part of OUR team approach to solve problems.  It was easy to feel that Michael was WITH us and not FOR us.”

“The agenda-building format allowed us to come in and out of the several day session as needed and wanted rather than have to sit through everything.  It also meant the agenda was ours.”

“Mike has great energy and enthusiasm which becomes infectious.  He seems to be much more helpful & energetic than ___ [other consultants with whom we work].”

“Comprehensive.  Good exchange of ideas; good discussions.  Addressed all issues brought to the table. He didn't allow silly stuff to be kicked around long.  No one was made to feel silly for having said anything.”

“Speaks from real experience.  He's not a theory person in some ivory tower.”

“Focus on NET revenue, not "cash at any cost." Reported gross revenue doesn't mean much if you don't know what it took to produce it.”

“Michael’s method is to help you think through your own particular problems and find practical things you can actually do to make improvements.  Too many consultants come in and impose a plan of action.”

“Importance of Benchmarks and "Success Measures."  The things we measure are the things that get done.”

“An open mind on Michael’s part, with a real ability to assess our situation as few people here in the building seem able to do.”

“Some / many of the things he pointed out are things we've known for a long time but he made us focus on them & plan to deal with them which was what we really NEEDED and NEED.”

“A very dynamic session that inspired.  Count me in on any future sessions.”

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