QUIZ -- Defining The Marketing Challenge

We all learn from our successes and failures. Yet, we often fail to identify the nature of the problem or marketing challenge we are passionately seeking to solve. Your own answers to the following questions will help you identify your greatest marketing challenges.



1) Using the Boston Consulting Group's matrix, which of the following four areas best defines your marketing challenge?

Old Product / Old Market New Product / Old Market
Old Product / New Market New Product / New Market


2) Considering the Strategic Planning Institute's "PIMS Database" (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy), how would you rate the "relative perceived quality of your product or service compared to that of your competition?"

A)  Much Greater
B)  Greater
C)  Less
D)  Much Less

3) Which area in the marketing mix contains your greatest problem / challenge?

A)  Product
B)  Pricing
C)  Place (distribution)
D)  Positioning
E)  Promotion (advertising, etc.)

4) How are the people most directly involved addressing the marketing challenge?

A)  Too busy to address it
B)  Lack expertise to "get it"
C)  Get it, but lack experience
D)  Get it, but lack resources

5) How important is it to solve this problem?

A)  Essential
B)  Very
C)  Somewhat
D)  Not very

6) How urgent is it that this marketing challenge be solved?

A)  Essential
B)  Very
C)  Somewhat
D)  Not very


The above questions are designed to assist you in looking at your marketing challenge from various points-of-view and, in turn, to allow us to speed you to potential solutions and services offered by TeamSoper.