A TeamSoper "Joint Review" Client Said:
"I have to say that the sessions with [TeamSoper] were among the most practical, energizing, efficient, and productive of all the consultants we've had."


Shari Bernson

For more than a decade, Michael Soper has worked with Colorado Public Television.  He's handled numerous campaigns and strategic planning exercises.  Michael has a synergistic understanding of all the elements in the public media fundraising landscape - and how they all work together.


John Kelley

Having Michael Soper conduct a joint review of KUAT’s membership activities was a great opportunity for us to benchmark our performance and efficiency against those of others in the public broadcasting system, evaluate our current policies and procedures, and receive some sound advice about


Bruce L. Christensen

Michael worked for me at PBS, where his commitment to serving member stations was infectious. His breadth of knowledge, negotiating and communication skills and work ethic were so exemplary that (as President of PBS) I promoted him twice, first to VP, PBS Development,


David Brugger

I cannot say enough good words about Mike and do recommend him highly.  In 1991, I was a member of Mike's industry-wide panel to review funding trends and recommend strategies for increasing funding of public television. I knew Mike before this time and was always impressed with his prescient and


John Mastrobattista

In the 2+ decades I’ve known him, Michael has been an innovative thinker and strong advocate for fundraising strategies and practices that respect donors yet help nonprofits reach their goals. His refreshing candor reveals deep levels of marketing expertise and a passion for helping his clients


Nicki Shearer

Michael is one of the brightest and most skillful people I have ever worked with.  I got to direct work with him when we planned and organized major PBS conferences.   His ability to structure  a multi-day event and keep everyone on time and on subject was for me a valuable lesson I have used


Jim Cunningham

Michael has a very special talent for team building. He is sensitive to the wide-ranging needs of employees who have the analytical mind for finance and the requirements and concerns of creative program producers who must deliver on deadlines. He has a very open and involving style


Michael Gilbert

In my own work with hundreds of nonprofits, in my role as Editor of Nonprofit Online News, I have continually found inspiration in Michael's ideas. Whether it's as simple and reliable as e-mail strategies or as sophisticated as tapping the synergy


Rick Lore

Michael B. Soper has been a leader in the public media industry for over two decades.  

His grasp of the tried and true methods of fundraising are unparalleled, and his knowledge of all facets of new media opportunities is equally strong.


Janet Lustig-Greene

Michael Soper is energetic and creative. He has extensive experience in his field and brings all of  that knowledge to bear when designing innovative solutions to a challenge. During the time I worked with Michael, he was a thoughtful listener who approached every situation with humor and enthusiasm.