Why TeamSoper Invests So Much In Copywriting

If you're reading this page, chances are that you're either a development professional who's frustrated with your current copy or you're a professional copywriter.

Of course, there's always the chance you're delighted with your copywriter and are getting great results from your mailings. If that's true, please take a moment to write your copywriter and remind them of their value to your institution.

Great copy doesn't just happen.  At TeamSoper, the copywriting process begins by "getting smarter" about our clients. We listen and learn. We review past copy and its success. We analyze research on supporters -- their attitudes, beliefs, values, and interests. Only then do we begin writing.

As a client, you’ll see us weave a story line. The success of our copy is measured in the results it achieves for you as a client. We’ve written successful long letters – and short. Each depended on to whom we were writing. The issue being addressed – and the nature of the solicitation.


  1. Is specific to your mission or cause.
  2. Speaks to what's most important to donors.
  3. Describes benefits -- not just things you do (features).
  4. Is engaging -- more emotional than intellectual or logical.
  5. Has more than one clear call to action.

We recognize that improving direct mail demands two types of tests. Those designed to produce incremental improvement and totally new creative packages that tests those things most likely to make a huge difference.

Abandon "cookie cutter copy." Now you can speak to your individual supporters, donors, and members, in your market, about your organization.


How many times have you received a letter from a nonprofit institution you support only to feel like the copy was written to anyone but you?  We recognize that frustration.

To address this concern, TeamSoper's copywriters make an extra effort to produce member / donor - focused copy. Our "outside of the box solutions" now include highly-customized copy that speaks directly to the "hot buttons" of your individual supporters.

Want to put this copywriting to work for your institution? Just contact us for details at 435-654-5896.

As a Client, Know Your Rights:  Some agencies charge for creating direct mail packages but don't provide you with rights to use them if you're no longer their client.

We're different! TeamSoper provides clients with an in-perpetuity license within their geographic service area to use both the copy and the graphic design.  That means that if you wish to mail a package with TeamSoper a second time, you won’t pay creative fees. You can even have competing firms produce your licensed package.  Now your subsequent campaigns can be mailed at a discount!