Senior Vice President, Development, Marketing, & Strategic Ventures, WETA / Channel 26/FM 91, Washington, DC

Responsible for all WETA fundraising, including:

•    $12 million (60%) of WETA’s annual operating budget;
•    An average of $10 million per year in national program production funds and;
•    The completion of a $20 million campaign to build a new building and establish program and operating endowments.
•    Exploration of new for-profit and not-for-profit business opportunities that are related to educational telecommunications, including cable television, ancillary print materials, etc.
•    Leadership / Management of a staff of 47.

Made the following changes to increase individual authority and accountability:

•    Development of the first strategic marketing and development plan designed to increase funding from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies;
•    Established a “net income” focus and increased operating efficiencies;
•    Reorganized management and staffing of division of 50 individuals;
•    Simplified processes such as the incentive compensation for corporate sales from 50 pages to 3, and;
•    Increased professional training for professionals in personal selling, direct marketing, priority setting, and overall management.

In a recessionary economic period for nonprofits in Washington, DC, responsible for the following accomplishments:
•    First year annual operating net income increased $600,000 over budget;
•    New business strategies for WETA’s for-profit subsidiary, WETACOM, generated record-breaking net revenue;
•    Funded “Washington Week In Review,” “Challenge To America With Hedrick Smith,” “Coming & Going,” and “In Performance At The White House,” and;
•    Negotiated a license of the WETA logo as part of a plan to develop “education related” retail stores.  Opened three WETA/ Learningsmith stores.