President & CEO, TeamSoper / Development & Marketing Management Corporation, Midway, UT.

Provide both for-profit and nonprofit organizations with increased financial capacity and stability.  Results are achieved through analysis with key executives, research, identification of challenges and opportunities, and the sharing of "best industry practices."  Professional training designed to produce net income gains through the use of mission-driven, results-oriented, team-focused efforts supports implementation of priority strategies.

Clients include:

Nashville Public Television (NPT / Channel 8) / Nashville, TN;  Responsible for supporting station executives and staff in all areas of fundraising, including membership direct marketing, corporate sponsorship, and planned giving programs.

Newsweek Productions, Washington DC;  Retained to seek $2 million in annual national foundation and corporate support for the company’s weekly PBS television series, HealthWeek.

ALS Foundation, Los Angeles, CA:  Evaluate the potential success and best strategies to secure major gift funding of a new “barrier breaking” research effort, designed to find a cure for ALS [Lou Gehrig’s Disease].

WQED PITTSBURGH:  Identified opportunities to rebuild public TV and radio stations’ individual support from members through on-air, direct mail and telemarketing.   Results were positive –– a direct mail special appeal letter topped the stations’ previous high by 500%.

NAACP;  Managing all fund raising consulting support services for the NAACP.  Assisted Ms. Myrlie Evers-Williams, NAACP Chair, in securing the organization’s future.  Produced in 1995 the first net revenue in six years –– avoiding bankruptcy for the then 85 year old civil rights association.  Managed fundraising that produced $2 million in net revenue in each of the two subsequent years.
WWF - International:  Helped conceptualize, define, plan, and launch a $100 million "Living Planet Campaign.”  Produced Prince Philip’s presentation to the 100 wealthiest families in Europe at a castle in Switzerland.  On-site work in Washington DC, London, Zurich, Geneva, Rome, and Vienna.
Technical Innovations:  Conducted survey research on customers, inquirers, and competitors.  Analyzed the studies and wrote a strategic database marketing plan.  The result is record-breaking sales and market leadership in astronomical telescope domes.

PBS, Alexandria, VA;  Conducted a comprehensive review of all PBS on-air membership research.

U.S. Department of State, Washington DC;  Provided on-site assistance in Romania to tiny television stations who provided the only access to non-government controlled news.  In one-on-one meetings with staff in cities across the country and a “first ever” sales seminar to the Romanian Broadcasters’ Association, helped strengthen the country’s “free press.”

Independent PBS Television Producer;  Developing a continuing series of PBS television specials and extensive support for community-based volunteer efforts designed to stimulate parental involvement in children's education.