Why TeamSoper is your Expert Fundraising Partner

Michael Soper, President & CEO, TeamSoper, has successfully completed consulting assignments for nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and portions of Europe.  He consults with nonprofits' leadership, management, marketing, and fundraising professionals.

Soper's "hand picked" consulting teams provide complete marketing capabilities - direct mail campaigns, e-mail communications, copywriting, list segmentation, artwork, production and mailing.

  Without the overhead of offices, copy machines and thick carpets, TeamSoper's overhead is minimal and we pass that savings along to you.

Few individuals or firms have TeamSoper's commitment to the public broadcasting industry's success.  As former Senior VP, Development, for PBS, Soper tackles both individual client stations' fundraising challenges, those issues that impact all stations, and the need for policies at national public broadcasting organizations that empower stations nationwide.

While Senior VP, Development at PBS, Soper unveiled two long-term campaigns, "TV Worth Watching," and "Made Possible By The Financial Support Of Viewers Like You.  Thank you!"

In addition to leading PBS's first PTV TASK FORCE ON FUNDING and the distribution of their report, "Funding The Vision," Soper has published numerous white papers, including his Master's Thesis, "Why Public Television's On-Air Membership Drives Succeeded And What Future Success Demands."  Soper's other publications include "PledgeNET," changing how pledge drive success is measured, "The Soper Manifesto," unveiling

PTV PARTNERS as an online, complimentary-to-pledge, station-based new fundraising concept.  Soper created "DTV NOW!," the award-winning, analog-to-digital  (DTV) television conversion campaign," and produced over 100 campaign elements in partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Soper has developed proprietary computer models that speed group evaluation, priority setting, and collaboration.

Soper managed more quantative attitude research on members, pledgers, and lapsed members than have been conducted in subsequent years.   In 2002, TeamSoper published three national research studies on public television (Image, Brand Resonance, and Member Attitudes).  These research studies are at the core of TeamSoper's strategies ... and the services we provide to PBS member stations.