When nonprofit organizations like the NAACP and WQED / Pittsburgh were in debt, facing the greatest fundraising challenges in their history, they turned to TeamSoper.  The resulting special direct marketing initiatives, combined with organization wide cost-cutting, resulted in the elimination or substantial reduction of debt ... and the organizations ability to continue providing vital services to their respective constituents.  While we hope your nonprofit organization never faces . . .

 . . . such severe financial challenges, TeamSoper is prepared to help.  When speed and response matters most, you can depend on TeamSoper's direct marketing.

Chet Tomczyk, President & CEO, WTVP / Peoria, wrote:  "We found ourselves in a nebulous situation: a brand new, unbloodied membership director, a need to raise significant fiscal year end dollars, and a paucity of time. TeamSoper managed to turn our request for help into reality.

Copy and art were completed in two days and quickly approved. A total of only twenty-three (23) days elapsed between my initial phone call to you and learning that our letters were in the mail stream and on their way to WTVP's members.

I don 't know of any other firm that could have met and exceeded our 'impossible timeline.' The results were well above our expectations, and our fiscal year was able to end successfully."



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