Have you received a letter from a nonprofit institution you support only to feel like the copy was written to anyone but you?  TeamSoper's copywriters make an extra effort to produce member / donor - focused copy . . . copy that speaks directly to the "hot buttons" of your individual supporters.

TeamSoper respects the survey research industry's concerns about appending survey research data to individual member's data records.  While using a regression analysis of past quantative survey research on the attitudes about public television held by the public, current and lapsed member, TeamSoper has create and licenses a process that produces much more personalized direct mail letters. 

Next Steps:  TeamSoper wants to partner this proprietary, high-level personalization model with a small group of interested and committed stations.  Those stations who are selected to partner will have a life-time license to utilize the final model.  Want to put this personalized copywriting to work for your institution?  Just contact us for details at 435-654-5896.

TeamSoper provides clients with a full range of direct mail services, including the following.