When Response Rates, Average Gift & Speed of Mailing Matter

As a public television membership professional, you may plan one to three years in advance.  Some direct marketing services seek advance commitments that seem almost as long.  Times change.  Topics of high interest to your members change.  When you've committed three, six, or twelve months in advance of a special, additional gift direct mail campaign, you may be missing opportunities.

Normally, TeamSoper works with its clients on an annual direct mail plan. Occasionally, a client calls needing a mailing far more quickly. TeamSoper's quickest turnaround yet? Just twenty-three (23) calendar days elapsed between a TeamSoper client's initial phone call and dropping the packages into the USPS mail stream.  And yes, we can truck your mailing to the nearest BMC (Bulk Mail Center), further speeding its delivery to your viewers and members.

Chet Tomczyk, President & CEO, WTVP / Peoria described his experience with TeamSoper:  "Copy and art for our fiscal year-end additional gift appeal were completed in two days and quickly approved. A total of only twenty-three (23) days elapsed between my initial phone call to you and learning that our letters were in the mail stream and on their way to WTVP's members.  I don 't know of any other firm that could have met and exceeded our "impossible timeline." The results were well above our expectations, and our fiscal year was able to end successfully."

As a client, you'll work with us to define a campaign's objectives, review revenue & expense estimates, and know that every direct mail package will reflect what is unique about your organization.  Unlike "cookie cutter" copy, TeamSoper copywriters utilize both extreme levels of respect and honesty with potential, current, and lapsed public television members.  Our mailings are known for relevance and above average response rates and average gifts.

TeamSoper's goal is to produce results that "WOW" our clients. While record-breaking performance depends on many factors -- including the sophistication of the overall fundraising program -- here are a few examples of TeamSoper's results for its clients:

  • Lapsed campaigns have increased clients' active member file by 8% or more in just 30 days!
  • Special / additional gift appeal campaigns that produced 10X a client's previous top performer.
  • Saved a client more than 50% on direct mail creative, production, and mail management costs.

TeamSoper provides clients with a full range of direct mail services, including the following.

TeamSoper provides comprehensive direct marketing services.  You'll find that working with us is different than other direct marketing agencies. TeamSoper's business model provides the speed of a small firm with the ability to scale up for the needs of larger clients. This balance is what allows members of TeamSoper to stay focused on fulfilling the needs of our clients, providing excellent creative, and timely production at competitive prices.