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In trouble, nonprofits turn to TeamSoper

They demand an "Expert Fundrasing Partner"

When nonprofit organizations like the NAACP and WQED / Pittsburgh were in debt, facing the greatest fundraising challenges in their history, they turned to TeamSoper.  The resulting special direct marketing initiatives, combined with organization wide cost-cutting, resulted in the elimination or substantial reduction of debt ... and the organizations ability to continue providing vital services to their respective constituents.  While we hope your nonprofit organization never faces . . .


A unique direct marketing company

Now you can work directly with the experts!

You'll never be "assigned" to client services. With the high-touch feel, innovation, and speed of a small firm, TeamSoper has the expertise and capabilities of a large agency. It all flows from a hand-selected, passionate, dedicated team of nationally recognized, independent experts. Work with "The Team" -- a group of experienced professionals not available from any other agency or firm. Each team member has been screened and selected by Michael Soper based on 38 years of nonprofit fundraising experience.  TeamSoper -- Your Expert Fundraising Partner.

  • Direct Marketing Services

    When Response Rates, Average Gift & Speed of Mailing Matter

    As a public television membership professional, you may plan one to three years in advance.  Some direct marketing services seek advance commitments that seem almost as long.  Times change.  Topics of high interest to your members change.  When you've committed three, six, or twelve months in advance of a special, additional gift direct mail campaign, you may be missing opportunities.

    Normally, TeamSoper works with its clients on an annual direct mail plan. Occasionally, a client calls needing a mailing far more quickly. TeamSoper's quickest turnaround yet? Just twenty-three (23) calendar days elapsed between a TeamSoper client's initial phone call and dropping the packages into the USPS mail stream.  And yes, we can truck your mailing to the nearest BMC (Bulk Mail Center), further speeding its delivery to your viewers and members.

    Chet Tomczyk, President & CEO, WTVP / Peoria described his experience with TeamSoper:  "Copy and art for our fiscal year-end additional gift appeal were completed in two days and quickly approved. A total of only twenty-three (23) days elapsed between my initial phone call to you and learning that our letters were in the mail stream and on their way to WTVP's members.  I don 't know of any other firm that could have met and exceeded our "impossible timeline." The results were well above our expectations, and our fiscal year was able to end successfully."

  • From The Mountains Of Midway, Utah

    An environment that stimulates creativity . . .

    Located in the mountains adjoining world class ski resorts, TeamSoper home office benefits from the creative energy of Park City, Utah and solitude of Midway and the Wasatch Valley.

    Michael B. Soper and his wife, Sandra, live in a self-designed passive solar home, taking advantage of clear days, bright sunshine, and the high-desert climate of 6,000 feet above sea level.

    Clients who visit to discuss marketing and fundraising strategies can't believe the invigorating environment, peace, increased concentration, and productivity of the time they invest.

  • Our Commitment To Clients

    Why TeamSoper is your Expert Fundraising Partner

    Michael Soper, President & CEO, TeamSoper, has successfully completed consulting assignments for nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and portions of Europe.  He consults with nonprofits' leadership, management, marketing, and fundraising professionals.

    Soper's "hand picked" consulting teams provide complete marketing capabilities - direct mail campaigns, e-mail communications, copywriting, list segmentation, artwork, production and mailing.

  Without the overhead of offices, copy machines and thick carpets, TeamSoper's overhead is minimal and we pass that savings along to you.

    Few individuals or firms have TeamSoper's commitment to the public broadcasting industry's success.  As former Senior VP, Development, for PBS, Soper tackles both individual client stations' fundraising challenges, those issues that impact all stations, and the need for policies at national public broadcasting organizations that empower stations nationwide.

    While Senior VP, Development at PBS, Soper unveiled two long-term campaigns, "TV Worth Watching," and "Made Possible By The Financial Support Of Viewers Like You.  Thank you!"

    In addition to leading PBS's first PTV TASK FORCE ON FUNDING and the distribution of their report, "Funding The Vision," Soper has published numerous white papers, including his Master's Thesis, "Why Public Television's On-Air Membership Drives Succeeded And What Future Success Demands."  Soper's other publications include "PledgeNET," changing how pledge drive success is measured, "The Soper Manifesto," unveiling